Cookie Flavors + Pricing

Classic Cookies

Minimum order of one dozen of each flavor (both smaller & regular sizes).
Packaged in complimentary recyclable boxes.
Individually wrapped in our compostable bag and raffia bow,
an additional 25¢ per cookie

Double Lemon Delights

Zesty lemon butter cookie garnished in a lemon icing.
(One Dozen Deal for $20)   
4oz- $2.75
(One Dozen Deal for $32)

Mama’s Classic Chocolate Chip

A delicious take on a classic chocolate chip cookie!
2oz- $1.50
(One Dozen Deal for $16) 
4oz- $2.50
(One Dozen Deal for $28)


Oatmeal peanut butter cookie loaded with M&M pieces.
2oz- $1.75
(One Dozen Deal for $20)   
4oz- $2.75
(One Dozen Deal for $32)


Butter cookie rolled in cinnamon sugar.
(One Dozen Deal for $16)
(One Dozen Deal for $28)

 Peanut Butter

Just classic peanut butter cookies.
(One Dozen Deal for $20)
(One Dozen Deal for $32)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Crinkle

A delicious, fudgey chocolate cookie made with
almond flour and rolled in powdered sugar.
Bite size-$1.75
(One Dozen Deal for $20)
3oz- $3.00
(One Dozen Deal for $35)

Specialty Sugar Cookies

A delicious, not too sweet, butter cookie garnished
with choice of sanding sugar or royal icing.
Starting at $3.25
-Pricing dependent on cookie size and decorating preference-

The Cookie Jar Package

An assortment of all of our classic cookies in one package!
Packed in our standard, recyclable boxes, unless requested otherwise!

Regular Cookie Jar- 35 cookies
2oz(Small Cookies)- $65   
4oz(Large Cookies)- $95

Large Cookie Jar- 70 cookies
2oz (Small Cookies)- $130 

4oz(Large Cookies)- $185

Packed in Colorful, Metal Tin
-Additional $5 per Order-

Individually wrapped in our clear,
compostable bag and raffia bow
-Additional $5 per Order-

For all other flavors or variety requests, please contact!

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