Tea for Tosh Sugar Cookies

Hello again!

On this post, I will share some of the nuances behind making these adorable, personalized sugar cookie onsies.
IMG_4150I was honored to be hired to make these adorable cookies by my aunt, for her first grand child. It is an exciting time for the Mooradian family, as this will be the first baby of the group!

To start, I made a simple sugar cookie dough and used a onsie cookie cutter. For me, I like to have a softer thicker cookie, so I typically roll out my dough thicker than most bakeries. Once they have been baked to the perfect color, I let them cool.

For the royal icing, I color it a nice pale blue in order to nicely compliment the gold accents that I will later paint on. Prior to painting, the piping is a nice golden yellow, as it will be easier to cover than plain white. After letting both the blue icing and yellow icing set, I complete the cookies with a mixture of gold luster and vodka.

Painting Away!

To complete the cookies, I placed each one in our compostable eco-friendly clear bags and tied them with recyclable raffia ribbon. I think they turned out really well!

The location of the shower was absolutely charming! If you ever need a cute and quaint setting for a bridal or baby shower, The Tea House on Los Rios in San Juan Capistrano is ideal! Guests were able to enjoy traditional teas accompanying their assortment of tea scones, sandwiches and tartlets. Another cute touch included glassed of bubbly for those of whom weren’t expecting!

All in all, I am so happy I got to bring these little guys to life! The mommy-to-be loved them, and so did everyone else. Thank you for reading and look forward to posting more in the near future on Behind the Sweets!


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